USA Visitors

Nearly a year now since the artist John Sarra and family from St Louis USA visited us in London. This picture is of Christine Sarra and daughter Florence with the Last Tiger painting at the studio.



Why cant artists get white paint?

Went to the art shop yesterday to get my usual tube of Cremnitz white oil paint and was told that they had had an email to tell them that it was illegal to sell it!?! No mention of who the email was from or what law they were referring to. Some mindless bureaucrat in Europe has probably ticked the wrong box and because white oil paint contains lead thinks it must dangerous for the environment lol! The amount of lead used by artists is extremely minute (compared to industry where controls are needed) and will have no measurable deleterious effect on nature, where lead occurs normally anyway.

Artists have used Flake white and Cremnitz white for thousands of years from the Egyptians to Lucian Freud. You simply cannot make good paintings without it. This is just another symptom of this country’s hatred of art and artists. That is not the case in America where they had the good sense to exempt artist paints from the ban. Will have to move to America unless this utterly ludicrous nonsensical ban is overturned and quickly.

Buy Last Elephant Print. Click on ‘Shop Now’ tab on my Facebook.

Thank you, Mr. Gledhill. We are absolutely loving The Last Elephant. It arrived in perfect condition, and it is more beautiful and more powerful than we had imagined. Thank you for painting it and for auctioning it for such a wonderful, noble cause. We will treasure it always.
As for the V&A Museum, that is wonderful news! Yes, your suggestion in that record for our painting works for us, and we would love a copy. You can send it to our Dallas address:


Buy Last Elephant Prints now!

Hello John,

I just wanted to let you know that the print arrived yesterday afternoon!I can’t tell you how much this print means to me. It actually brought me to tears yesterday when I opened it. It’s been a rough week for elephants and I really hope that something can be done to ensure their survival.

Thank you again, John. For your beautiful artwork and your contribution to the Trust.

Warmest regards,


Going Home

Great response from Gallery visitor…..

“I saw your work in the Strule Arts in Omagh recently. I found it very stimulating and thought provoking. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Last Tiger/Rhino’ but the ‘Work in..’ and the ‘Ships in the Night’ paintings were also fascinating. I can’t remember the name of the motorway picture, can’t get an image of it on the web either, but I was amazed at how the sky suddenly came to life as I moved back from the canvas. I remember those red and white lights from nights on the motorway. Ah, just found out it’s ‘Going Home’. The poetry by Samuel Irwin was very apt. Free with a cup of very good coffee, unbelievable. Thank you so much. Copy of ‘The last Elephant’ as my background now, amazing. Just wanted to say thanks.”


Your Face on the Underground?

I love the underground, the colours and warmth, full of people, always people moving through. I love trains and the old underground stations with their posters and tiles. For me it is like a fairground ride.

This charcoal drawing in progress is the interior of the Bakerloo line which I use to reach London Bridge on the daily journey from Ealing. I have already done the painting in my head using the colours of the underground! I plan to include the painting in my solo exhibition at the Strule Arts Centre, Omagh in February 2015. Let me know what you think.

Would you like to be immortalized in this painting? The faces are based on intense observation in the underground, committing to visual memory the characteristics of their head.

Buy a print from my sale and send me a good photo and I will put your face in the painting.


Last Rhino Auction News

Watch out for the auctioning of The Last Rhino painting on ebay starting on the first week of January 2015.

Working in partnership with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 50% of the proceeds from the sale will be going to the Trust.

The DSWT play a vital role in the conservation of Elephants and Rhinos in Kenya.